Item #05235 ARTHUR RACKHAM, G. GUGGENHEIM, In the style of.
[RACKHAM, ARTHUR], (In the style of); G. GUGGENHEIM
[RACKHAM, ARTHUR], (In the style of); G. GUGGENHEIM

Item #05235

"Stealing the Lunch"

[RACKHAM, ARTHUR], (In the style of). G. Guggenheim. "Stealing the lunch". Original pen, ink and watercolor. Signed on the lower left corner "G. Guggenheim 1921" and on the right lower corner "Arthur Rackham 09". Image size: 10 1/2" x 14 7/8"; 267 x 368 mm. Matted framed and glazed. Frame size: 20 1/4" x 24 1/4"; 515 x 616 mm.

This lovely watercolor depicts a vivid pastoral picnic scene. There are five elves/goblins, a baby, a large mouse and a squirrel (?) together with a large white bird, who is the culprit... stealing the lunch. The bird has a striped bundle in his beak and is in full flight - one of the elves/goblins who tried to catch the bird has two white feathers in his grasp and is lying on his stomach on the ground. Another goblin wearing a tall, round hat with a shocked look on his face is in pursuit. A third goblin wearing a tall pointed hat and with a white beard is kneeling on one knee. Another goblin is pointing to the bird with one hand and the other is on the head of a seated goblin. The baby is about to eat - he has what looks like half a bagel in one hand and a mug of drink in the other. The large rat is sitting on a rock watching the scene with bulging eyes and the squirrel (?) with a fluffy tail is on an overhanging branch, hanging on with his back legs and reaching down to try to get to some food and drink which is sitting on a rock behind all the other figures. This is a scene in full motion, with all the characters fully involved in the panic of losing their food to the cunning bird.

Price: $1,000.00

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