Our 2012 Holiday Catalog Decks The Halls With Boughs Of Rare Books

by David Brass - 29 Nov 2012



Our 2012 Holiday Basket of Books catalog is now available for your pleasure.

Composed of nine chapters in seventy-six pages including Children’s Books, Color-Plate Books, Illustrated Books, Literature, Fine Bindings, Fine Sets, Original Art, Private Press, and more there is something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate for many years to come. A rare book will always remain a treasured gift.

 ”The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.” So said Charles Warner (1829-1900) and we could not agree more.

A rare book is a gift that has stood the test of time and will stand as a testament to the value of love and friendship now and in the future, continuing to give pleasure every time it is opened. A rare book is a gift of lasting joy.

Giving a dear friend or loved one a rare book captures your sensitivity as few gifts can,  demonstrating your appreciation of the recipient’s interests and that which is precious to them. All of us have had, at least once in life, a love affair with a book. Presenting a rare book is an intellectual gift of the heart. It is a tribute to your thoughtfulness.

Every book is an open-ended vacation and giving a rare book provides a passport to earlier times and the comfort of memories associated with them.  This holiday season transport those on your gift list with a rare book.

View the catalog here.

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