How We Work

We want to earn your trust and confidence.

Using our extensive reference library, we apply the highest standards of bibliographical discipline to carefully research and meticulously catalogue each book we offer with a keen eye toward absolute accuracy in collation, descriptive note and condition. We are precise.

As every book tells a story, every book has a story and we place a premium on fully relating the story of the book: Its importance within its category and the literary canon, and its cultural context and history. While we will judiciously offer personal assessment, we prefer to let expert opinion and judgment speak to the volumes significance.

We are conservative in our appraisal of a books condition, striving for accuracy rather than appeal. We prefer to you to be pleasantly surprised rather than bitterly disappointed when you buy a book from us.

Be that as may, we allow ourselves a modicum of enthusiasm and exuberance in our notes, balancing scholarship with sheer love for the books we offer.

With a professional studio on premises, our photographs are of the highest digital quality, and will give you the clearest image of the actual appearance of each volume. Again, no surprises.

We keep our inventory relatively small and highly select. We choose our books with extreme care so we can offer you the finest copies of the finest rare books in the world.

We are client focused to an extraordinary degree. If you expect or would like to be surprised by courteous, professional client service, we will pleased to accommodate that desire.

It is our fervent wish to establish a long-term relationship with you.


We will be pleased to sell your books under our aegis and with our expertise. Please ask us about our terms. We offer full security and insurance for your book(s) while in our possession.


We take the utmost care when packing books for shipment, and you may rest assured that they will arrive in the same condition as when they left our care: the books are precious, our packing compulsively professional.

We will ship worldwide by FedEx, UPS and USPS. Please ask for details of insurance and freight.