Item #04086 Symptoms of the Shop. George Moutard WOODWARD, Francis SANSON, printmaker.
Symptoms of the Shop
Symptoms of the Shop
Symptoms of the Shop
Symptoms of the Shop
Symptoms of the Shop

Symptoms of the Shop

London: S.W. Fores, 1801. Item #04086

Three of George Moutard Woodward's Hand-Colored Prints from "Symptoms of the Shop"

WOODWARD, George Moutard, artist, SANSON, Francis, printmaker. Symptoms of the Shop. London: S.W. Fores, 1801.

First edition. Quarto (10 1/8 x 8 1/16 inches; 257 x 265 mm.). Three (of twelve) hand colored 'Satirical' stipple engravings on wove paper drawn by Woodward and etched by Sanson (numbers 7, 8, and 10). Each with the plate number at the top right margin and with lithographed text at the top of the image. On each of the lower margins is "Pub. June 1st 1801 by S.W. Fores No.50 Piccadilly Prints and Drawings lent on the plan of a Library Folio's of Caricatur lent out for the Evening." / Symptoms of the Shop" / "Drawn by G. Woodward Etchd by F. Sansom". Some light marginal soiling, otherwise near fine.

Plate #7. "After all there is nothing like the true old orthodox principles…"
Plate #8. "I have brought your Honor home your new suit…"
Plate #10. "Madam - I was once a Minister and used to negotiations…"

Very rare. According to OCLC there are only two complete set in libraries and institutions worldwide (The Lewis Walpole Library, CT. has a complete colored set, Princeton, NJ also has a complete set but does not mention 'colored'). Yale university has nine of the twelve colored plates (missing numbers 1, 7 & 8). Harvard, MA has one plate.

These two artists previously collaborated on Every Body in Town (BC-28), Every Body Out of Town (BC-29), and Pigmy Revels: All Alive in Lilliput (BC-62), all published by Fores. Each plate depicts two persons engaged in humorous wordplay relating to the characteristics of a trade or calling. (William Gordon. A catalogue of the Books, Drawings, Prints and Periodicals forming the William A. Gordon Library of British Caricature).

The three images present here include:

Plate 7. A man, sitting in a wooden chair, lifts his hand for emphasis, and declares: “After all there is nothing like the true old orthodox principles.” An obese clergyman, in a padded armchair on the right, responds: “Orthodox principles – ah my dear friend, you put me in mind of old times – when I was but a simple vicar. How I used to charm my congregation – slim as a Bedles wand – & delicate as a new wash’d surplice, - but since I have been raised to higher dignities, I do nothing, but remain in my chair; bulky & unweildy as a Folio Church Service. – oh how elegantly I used to manage my discourses – fifteen minutes to a point, by the clock under the gallery – never exceeded – short praye, - text – and devision – one – two – three & away – that was my method.”

Plate 8. A man with a parcel under his arm bows slightly and says: “I have brought your Honor home your new suit.” A stout, bespectacled lawyer replies: “Suit – ah – Mr. Buckram you did not know me when I practiced in the Courts – I could have shewn you suits that would have puzzled Judge Blackstone himself – none of your simple matters – brim full of Law, as a brief bag – intricate as the Temple avenues, –& long as Westminster Hall – Shy Clients sometimes, – but it would not do with Paul Parchment – sure to have them on way or other. – Once in never out that was my motto.”

Plate 10. A former Minister, holding his hat, wearing a bag-wig, and with his pocket filled with scrolls, addresses a woman: “Madam – I was once a Minister, and used to Negotiations, I shall therefore be happy to treat with you on Matrimonial Speculation – I have ample credentials ready to ratify my powers, and if you please will enter into preliminaries immediately, – but let me have a sight glance at your project, and be assured I will deliver to you my contre projet as soon as the definitive treaty is concluded, and duly guaranteed.” The woman, who is short and plump, looks aghast at the proposition.

Price: $1,500.00