Item #04144 Walt Disney's Disney Time comic #4 February 19th 1977. WALT DISNEY STUDIOS.
Walt Disney's Disney Time comic #4 February 19th 1977

Walt Disney's Disney Time comic #4 February 19th 1977

: , 1977. Item #04144

The Funny Folk of Disneyland in Helping To Build a House

WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. Original hand-painted artwork for the double center page spread for the Walt Disney's Disney Time comic #4 dated February 19th 1977. Gouache on artist board. Image size: 9 5/8 x 16 3/4 inches. In fine condition. Together with a copy of Walt Disney's Disney Time comic #4. Matted, framed and glazed.

"Some workmen were building a house in Disneyland this week, and when they went for a bite to eat one lunchtime, our funny friends decided it was time they lent a hand with the work.

They were all very willing - but not, alas, very able! As usual, they got up to all sorts of fun and games!

Little John thought it would be helpful to fill a wheel-barrow with cement, but Merlin the Magician - as you can see put his foot in it! And speaking of feet, one of Prince John's feet got in the way of a brick dropped by Robin Hood. (H'mm! I wonder if Robin did that on purpose!) Anyway, it made His Highness hopping mad. In fact his foot was so sore that he's been hopping ever since!

King Louie of the Apes was up to his usual monkey tricks. "The King of the Swingers", he likes to call himself. Well, he certainly does a lot of swinging, doesn't he?

There are seven hidden objects to find this week. They are two hammers, two trowels, two buckets and a spade."

Price: $2,500.00

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