The David Brass Rare Books TV Show
Stephen J. Gertz

Friday, Oct 05, 2012

Not too long ago, Calabasas City Spotlight, a local Southern California TV program, devoted an entire episode to David Brass Rare Books.

From the DBRB inner sanctum where David and the holy of holies are shelved to the DBRB outer sanctum where Caroline Brass, Dustin Jack, Debra Brass and I park our carcasses, Calabasas City Spotlight host Pablo Pereira (a local news anchor and meteorologist with KTTV Fox 11) interviews David about his family’s history in the rare book trade (and the ancestor bookseller who met his end on the gallows), and the ins and outs of rare books and collecting them. Then, Pablo throws me a curve with his family’s heirloom book to identify. I swing, and get an on-base hit if not a home run.

It’s forty-three minutes of rare book info and fun. The entire interview appears below.